Tell Stories Win Sales

    Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 11:00 AM until 12:00 PMEastern Standard Time

    Join us on Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 11:00 a.m. to Noon (EST), as Franklin’s Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: The Art & Science of Professional Selling brings you "Tell Stories Win Sales," with John Livesay, sales expert and keynote speaker on sales, marketing, negotiation, and persuasion who helps salespeople become magnetic storytellers with the ability to make irresistible offers to their ideal clients.

    Today whoever tells the best story wins the sale. Salespeople struggle to win new business without knowing why they are coming in second place. They find their prospect buyers forget almost everything they said and the time to close the sale gets longer and longer. Enter John Livesay, aka The Pitch Whisperer who shows sales teams how to turn boring case studies into compelling case stories. They learn the exact steps to become black belts in storytelling. Once that happens they become irresistible and their revenue soars.

    The stories get shared across divisions which breaks down silos and causes existing clients to buy more products and services. The storytelling skills impact the culture as the sales team learn to develop both their personal story of origin and the company’s cultural story which creates a new level of bonding and shared goals.

    The salespeople will no longer feel like they are drowning in a sea of sameness because they will know how to tell stories that make them magnetic and memorable.

    Key takeaways from this virtual session: 
    • Learn the secrets of telling stories that develop an emotional connection with their existing and prospective new clients
    • Learn a proven strategy to get people to go from saying “I’m interested” to saying “I’m In.”
    • Learn how to have more confidence, connection, and commitment in every interaction
    • Learn how to replace pitches with collaborative conversations so they become co-pilots with their buyers.

    *Zoom link will be sent to participants prior to the event.

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